Cure for gambling addiction

Signs You May Need a Cure for Gambling Addiction

Do you or someone you love have a problem with gambling? There are many facilities that promise a cure for gambling addiction, including quite a few in Economy IN, but how do you know that your gambling fun is getting out of hand? These seven signs of addiction can help you determine if you're needlessly worried or if you or your loved one would benefit from treatment.

What Is Compulsive Gambling?

According to the experts, gambling addiction is a disease that causes no physical harm, but that doesn't mean that it can't destroy you. A compulsion to gamble can destroy your life and the lives of everyone around you. Unless you find a cure for gambling addiction, you could lose your job, gamble away your house, your children's college fund and the few dollars you get by pawning your wedding band. While those may seem like extreme examples, there are many people in Economy IN who can testify to the reality.

Four Signs You May Need a Cure for Gambling Addiction


If you find yourself getting defensive whenever someone mentions your gaming, you may have a problem with gambling.


Do you hide your gambling? If you sneak out to poker games or hide the evidence that you've bought [statetitle] lottery tickets, you may benefit from therapy that offers a cure for gambling addiction.

Constantly Talk About Gambling

If gaming and bets frequently come up in your conversations, it's a warning sign that you may have issues with gambling. You know where the games are, you've got a sportsbook on speed dial and betting even invades your dreams. If that describes your life, it's a sign that you may need help.

Spiraling Debt

The money just seems to disappear, but the bills never seem to get paid. The debts on the credit cards are spiraling out of control even though your spouse never seems to have anything to show for the spending. If you're living with a person like this, you may be living with a compulsive gambler who needs help coming to terms with gambling.

If your love of gambling has taken over your life, there are many facilities and organizations that can help. There is a cure for gambling addiction. You just have to recognize your problem and ask for help.