Qui Tam Attorneys

Where to Find Qui Tam Attorneys in Your Area

Use this page as a quick reference to find Qui Tam attorneys in Dunbridge OH and surrounding areas. Qui Tam attorneys represent informers (relators) or "whistleblowers" in cases that involve various types of government fraud. The types of cases may include Medicare or Medicaid fraud and other types of health care fraud, tax fraud, contractor fraud (overcharging or charging for products/services not delivered to a government agency) and similar cases. Qui Tam action often involves a large sum of money, and a percentage of any moneys awarded often goes to the person who informs of the fraud.

Defendants in Qui Tam lawsuits are commonly contractors, subcontractors, medical providers that accept Medicare/Medicaid, and state/local government agencies. If you know of fraud within a company or organization and desire to file charges in a Qui Tam lawsuit, it's wise to contact an experienced Qui Tam attorney right away. Schedule consultations with several lawyers to discuss your needs before choosing one. Then make your decision based on which Qui Tam attorney can most effectively handle your case.

Qui Tam attorneys in Dunbridge OH will consider all the evidence you have gathered and determine if you have enough to prove that fraud is occuring or has occurred in the past. It's important that you document everything and be willing to testify openly about what you've seen and heard...even if it means testifying against friends and/or coworkers. While there is legal protection in place for the relator in a fraud case, you must be aware of the emotional stress as well as any personal relationships that might be permanently severed as a result of your testimony. Qui Tam attorneys understand this and can help you work through any issues or questions that may arise.

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