Advertising Network

What Is an Advertising Network?

An online advertising network consists of a few to a few hundred or even a few thousand websites that are part of a central organization. Website publishers join an advertising network to get access to more advertisers and better advertising rates than most can pull on their own. Most ad networks are a diverse collection of websites about many different subjects with audiences representing many different demographics.

Advertising Network Benefits for Advertisers

The right advertising network offers a number of important benefits for your company.

Efficient and Flexible Pricing Models

A large advertising network offers the benefit of scale. Because there are so many unique users and diverse websites, itís often easy to negotiate excellent CPC, CPM and CPA prices for your ads.

Broad Reach

When you want to shout your message from the rooftop, an advertising network offers you a very big rooftop and a big megaphone. If you want to reach a wide audience, an advertising network is one of the best ways to do that.

Pinpoint Targeting

While ad networks can offer you a broad audience, itís also very common for an advertising network to offer the opportunity to target your ads to the most relevant audiences. If you only want to reach a [statetitle] audience or focus your message on parents, most ad networks make it easy to do that.

Between the efficient pricing, the broad demographics and the ability to narrowly focus your audience with contextual ad placement, your company can get a much higher ROI on your advertising than with most other types of ad placements.